One Man Band

“One Man band" is another one of Hanjin’s unconventional musical output in a similar vein to the 2010 album “Buy One Get One". In addition to his custom mode of handling all the composing, arranging, producing, mixing and recording by himself, the whole album was recorded using only one guitar and a “Looper” - performing with a beat box and using the human voice to interpret a variety of musical instruments.

Recording in this unique way presents its own challenge. On a normal production, after recording is done, it is often further processed by an engineer to cover up the flaws. On this album, the recording method simply does not allow any mistake to happen, as it is done from beginning to end using one take without any editing. Just like life itself with no take two!

Hanjin loves to be challenged, and hoping this will bring to his fans an unprecedented experience!

One Man Band

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