Out Of Stock He Is Hanjin

10 years of music demos from a multifaceted musician

Songs Hanjin wrote for other singers in their original glory! 

Not to be missed by fans of Hanjin

Track Listing:

1 愛到底是什麼 (張智霖 愛到底是什麼)
2 Till the End (黎明 回來說愛著你)
3 You (蕭敬騰 你)
4 Can You Hear My Heart (陳柏宇 原諒我怕黑)
5 Cry (鄭中基 這個位置留給你)
6 Yung Kee (薛凱琪 八月號)
7 Love and Money (范逸臣 Love & Money)
8 Rich (鍾舒漫 買得到)
9 My Life (方珈悠 最緊要快)
10 Higher (鍾舒漫 Higher)
11 One on Million (裕美 & 范萱蔚 少女大帝)
12 Never Give Up (倉木麻衣/容祖兒/張敬/林俊傑/泳兒/陳偉霆/鄧紫棋/徐子珊 Cheer Up)
13 Forgiveness (鄭秀文 罪與罰)

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He Is Hanjin

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